A Set of Haikus

Yellow Car

If you said, “Let’s roll,”
maybe I’d say, “But my house.”
You’re just a green light.


I hope these white lines
permanently remind me
that it was all real.

Cupcakes & Wine

They dared to tell me—
that he’s “not responsible”…
Guess I’m a drunk slut.

New York Semantics

Invade a canal
with a canoe, not cruise ship—
you’ll be innocent.


I never said yes,
but I was too scared to stop.
Did I play along?

I Know They Know Him

Protect your sisters;
The name’s familiar to you.
I trusted him, too.

Talk Ain’t Cheap

We’ll go to Starbucks—
even though I’m nobody.
You want me alive.


I know it’s dumb, but—
a towel’s under this sleeve.
(Sorry) I need you.

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