Bite My Tongue

excuse me while i get my act together.

(	i fell apart a moment ago
	at the mere sight of your name		)

why do i need a reason?
well i say no more whys
and no more reasons—
if we lived on Tralfamadore…

	(we could be the spectacle in the zoo)

then everything would simply be.

and i could relive any moment in time,
that would always happen exactly as they did,
and i wouldn’t regret any of it.

i will always hold back from reaching you
but maybe there will be one time
when i will always talk to you.

(	are you looking for the whys?
	are you looking for the reasons?	)

i have a feeling you believe in free will as much as i do.

…so excuse me while i stop living in fiction.

because whether or not there’s predestination
i will keep biting my tongue.

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