I know what you said,
and I’m not going to listen.

I see the number fall
ever so slightly, and I know
this one, this one is real.
It has to be.

And I want to keep going down,
so I can push back just a little—
yes, I can, just a little, I swear!

This is my choice.
I’m in control here;
yes, I am—don’t doubt me!

You saw how good I was;
you saw how well I fought!

So why can’t I just give a little,
and do this thing for me?
It’s just a compromise.
I can do it just fine.

I don’t care what you say;
I’m not like anyone you’ve seen.
I won’t slip all the way back,
just by cutting out a little.

It’s still enough,
and no one will tell me
it’s too much.

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