Don’t Worry About Me

I am not cryptic.

I am, however,
self-deprecating and withdrawn,
and I feel my fears are unworthy
of complaint.

This can’t be serious, right?
This isn’t a real setback.

So why bother to ask me
if I’m doing all right?
Hah, why bother?

The transition from
having a strong support circle
to having none of them accessible
is trivial, of course.

I can’t achieve precision and control,
so I underestimate to curb my fear.
	No big deal.

I don’t have comfortable options,
so I won’t even try to meet my goal.
	No big deal.

What’s one day at seventy percent?
It won’t become two, or three…
or the whole twenty, right?

Of course not.
I’m fine.

So don’t bother asking.

I’m fine.

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