Emptiness of Body and Mind

I just want to be as empty as the vacant vessel
	you seem to think I am.

Why must I let myself be filled with your desires?
These awards, degrees, and kilojoules mean nothing
	for me anymore; they’ve always
		been about you.

You and your self-absorbed hunger for fulfillment
through the deeds of some girl bearing your name
have forbidden any indicator of humanity from me.

My body is the same species as you,
	but I don’t want to be.
I don’t want to be in the worst way.

Somehow, you disapprove of my inhumanity, too:
the one thing that makes me feel strong and better
	than everyone else…
because I can abstain from the daily bread you want,
	that you can’t give up.

Let me.

Let me be as empty
as my heart feels
toward you.

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