Fall Resolutions

The ritual of recognition,
unchanged, I’m sure,
after the season.

Never stop short of you,
I always go past.
So do you.

We’ll both turn around.
Genuinely, “How are you?”
Always the same question.

Will it hold more weight
after a hundred days,
if mine is less?

I’ll be as sincere as always,
‘cause I thought of you
each day apart.

Have I the courage to ask,
did you ever wonder at all
if the disorder’d take me?

No, those summer thoughts
will be meaningless now
that you’ve an answer.

However, I might remind you
that I still care about you, you;
isn’t that a nice thing to know?

That’s a question, my dear,
because I don’t know;
I never hear it.

I’m so sick of not knowing
and tired of not speaking,
so I’ll say it.

You still are a wonder to me,
an amazing person to know,
and I’m done with inhibitions.

Hear me out.
Give me a shot.
I deserve you.

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