base pairs and stacked rings.
the construction of the things
of the construction of ourselves.
helix, helix: a ladder of aromatix.
I’ll climb that code to reveal


can’t strip those genes,
can’t run that far.
can’t hide who YOU are.

(catch yourself being someone else.
  I’ll let it go; I understand.
  I’ll let it go, ‘cause I know.)

One thought on “Identity

  1. Ahh how this reminds me of DNA and similar topics I picked up on in high school. 😛 I really like what you did with this domain; it suits you so well and I can’t express how much I love the name since I read it in your poem that long long time ago when I reviewed your website.

    I saw your comment on my blog as Lovechem so I wanted to know what you’d done with Killer Jewels. 🙂

    Anyway it is actually time for me to sleep; I am so very tired – I’ll read your blog eventually. 😛

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