Sweet Dreams

you kissed me in a dream today.

what a typical morning walk,
you and the one you wish to kill
strolling past the oldest building—
I was there, too, alongside you.

somehow she gets ahead of us and
I watch her get smaller over the hill
when suddenly you are in my face—

oh, here are your lips, I like you
very much, too, but mine are dry—
I would’ve put on Chapstick for you—
but you don’t mind, this feels good,
let’s keep going, let’s do it again.

and now I’m flying, off the ground,
up in your arms, and I like this, too,
and so should you because, honestly,
ducking fourteen inches to reach me
seems uncomfortable, but this is fun.

I like you very much, still, my dear,
but I’m sure you’d like to forget that.
‘Cause I know, if nothing else, that the
ten years ten months thing bothers you,
and this will only happen while I sleep.

so, why the hell do I have to wake up?

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