A Kick I Need

Written May 22, 2010

A discovery of decades in the making:
a collection of beauty waiting for me,
produced by a talent I did not know.

Fell in love watching your performance,
even in a recorded, detached format.
Passion, passion, you’ve lived so much.

Though you strum so brilliantly,
your greatness extends beyond guitar.
One listen: my breath is not conserved.

“I’d a close call with a glitch in time”—
although perhaps you intend differently,
I, too, I, too… so words resonate with me.

A single song is all I need to come together,
but I’d bet they’d all cleanly change my life.
If only I’d the time to soak up your generosity.

I loved how you shined with your friends,
and I’ve no doubt you’ll do as you’ve before:
your hands’ work thrills my soul and lungs.

Is it too much to say that I want a—I want a
moment to fill my heart with yours, Frusciante:
to me, a Pepper forever, but more importantly,
	you’re a talent so outstanding, so clever.

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