Be Here Now

Written February 20, 2010

Open up.
What’s on your mind?

If only it were so simple.
The timing’s not right, my dear.
You don’t need to know,
what’s got me down.
You don’t want to be there yet,
even if…
even if I want us to be.
Please don’t compromise yourself.
I’ll manage.
I promise.

You believe me,
but you still won’t walk away.
When you do,
you know you’ll return and have to ask
the one question I won’t answer:
Are you okay?

I don’t want to burden you,
although I want to tell you
I’m not.

(Better not to be silent.)

I know.
Convince me that you want to stay
not so that you can play the hero,
and not because you’re afraid to hurt me.
I really like you,
and as much as I trust you,
please show me that you want this
because you share my feelings,
and that you really want to be with me,
even for this.

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