Bridge the Gap

Written February 20, 2010

I won’t fail—
not for the lack of trying.

I don’t know much about destiny,
but whether or not it’s written
I can feel our orbitals overlap.

I’m spinning;
I’m spinning.
But all our collisions thus far
have been a near miss.

I don’t know much about energy,
but if we’re similar—
or if we can be—
it’s not forbidden anymore.

Don’t turn away.
If anything,
don’t create a node between us,
where nothing can develop.

Any bond will do—
because all I know
is I want you in my life.

So if you’re ready,
or if you’re willing
to take a chance,
cautiously, cautiously,
take my hand.

Maybe, maybe,
there’s chemistry
beyond my nerves.

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