Easy Prey

Written April 18, 2010

dammit, you’re killing me, mate.

it’s not your fault.
it’s not your fault.

the simplest things
stop my breath.
my heart’s skipping beats here.

do you know what you do to me?
that probably has
to do with me…
grips me hard.

I’m done for.

and hear the quaking of my voice.
and see the fight or flight in my eyes.

I can’t deal—
I can’t speak—
I can’t think—
I can’t sleep—
I can’t slow
my racing heart.

am I panicking
because I think I know
you don’t want it?
because I think I know
it wouldn’t work?

the fear seals the deal.

I’m done for.
I’m done for.

I crash down every time I see you,
and you do me in
real good.

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