Interrogation Room

Written January 3, 2010

I wanna hear both sides
I wanna hear both sides
Can only hear mine
Only hear mine—

What is mine?
What is my mind?
What’s on my mind?

I’ve got nothing to hide
Have you got something to hide?
Well, let it out—
Don’t keep it inside.

I didn’t mean to lie
That I wasn’t trying to try—
Were you even trying to try?—
My God! Am I too fuckin’ blind?
Smoke screened by a little high!

I wanna hear your side
I wanna hear your side
Hear your side, I’m so agonized
Over all that I’ve scrutinized
Details analyzed! Prophesied!

I bet you saw in my eyes
That I couldn’t take a side
Between my heart and my mind
My heart and my mind
Heart and my mind.

So lemme hear your side
Do you wanna hear my side?
Hear my side, hear no lies
Let’s give it a try—

Let’s give it a try!

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