Written February 12, 2010

Can I live up to the title?
‘Cause I sure don’t feel like it now.
I’m sinking into the shadows of silence,
hoping I don’t need my voice anymore.

I excuse myself:
maybe it will pass.
Maybe this is the last one,
and I can finally tell my imaginary friends
that I don’t want to play.

Can I ask you
to help me wave them goodbye?
Because I might betray my needs,
and let them stay another day—
like I betray my heart,
when I watch you go your separate way.

I’m afraid I’ll ask too much of you,
and lose what little I think we have,
when I feel we have so much potential.

Don’t let me back down
from being all that I can.

Can we start today?
‘Cause I sure know I want to.
Help me out of that corner,
and just listen,
to what I know I have to say.

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