Keep On Keep On

Written February 14, 2015

did you lose yourself
when you turned twelve
and your mind
betrayed you?

did you believe
at seventeen
that your life
was worth it?

if you knew
at twenty two
you’d love yourself
and where you’re going

would you keep on going?

‘cause i didn’t know
ten years ago
if i could survive
to twenty five

i’d suffered plenty
before i turned twenty
i sought any high
but hoped i would die

i was twenty-one
when i thought i was done
just an empty shell
in some kind of hell

somehow i kept on going

your mind might lie to you
and all your friends could leave
but there’s a bright tomorrow
if only you can believe

just hear me out right now
for you there is a somehow
i might not be like mine
but i swear it’ll come in time

god, please know
you’re not alone
somewhere is home
somewhere is home

and i swear
that people are there
i would be there
i would be there

please just keep on going.
keep on going.

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