Ghost and Human

Written December 31, 2009

I think I lost five pounds that week.
But you didn’t know, and it’s okay.

I liked what I was doing.
Who would have noticed, who would have?

I wanted your offering to be everything.
I was following a ghost I shouldn’t have.

Did you know? Did you know? Did you…
Because I wasn’t trying, not really, not—

You said you couldn’t do it, Superman.
But I did. I shouldn’t have been proud.

You said to get some sleep tonight.
Said that I could use it. And did I? Did I?

I wanted not to.
For a moment, I wanted not to be human.

If I keep talking to you, will they go away?
I shouldn’t want them to stay; I say I don’t.

They’re like strangers, except I know them.
But the ghosts are so tempting, so familiar.

I trust you cos I think you held them at bay.
You don’t let it happen, won’t let it happen.

Not again. Not to me. You’re a hero, I know.
Now this time, I want to be human with you.

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