No One But You

by Erin
Written March 30, 2008

No one but you,
offers so much in one body.
Of character,
yours is more solid than stone.
Of effort,
you’ve shown more than any I’ve known.
Of knowledge,
your depth is on constant expand.
Of passion,
yours is of the most unwavering brand.

No one but you,
has taught me as you have.
On confidence,
my self-esteem has surely swelled.
On love,
my faith in it cannot be felled.
On trust,
my shields have been lifted.
On passion,
my heart has never felt so gifted.

No one but you,
is more worthy of the best.
No one but you,
could I want more than the rest.
No one but you,
is the one I want to touch.
No one but you,
could I love so much.

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