Written December 29, 2009


Not to be a total creeper, but I’ve figured it out.

And it all works for me right now, so I hope it works for you, too.

I’m not looking for commitment.
Not like that.

But the single most important non-familial relationship I have

gave me a feeling just like this one.

Rush. Sudden. Obsession.
(and all for a good cause, actually)

He is The Reason
for a whole lot of things.

And now,

Not to put a lot of pressure on you—
(because it’s really no pressure at all)
–I think this could be really good.

Are you down? Game? All right with that?

(Really, don’t worry about it.)

All you have to do is pretend you’re listening while I speak honestly.
Or you could really listen,

because I want to listen to you, too.

Sometimes we have things to say and we just don’t ever say them.

we have things to say,
and we just don’t ever
say them.

This could be really good.
I don’t know where this will lead,

(and I didn’t know then)

but it changed my life
to go out on a limb and say


and actually respond to a

“How are you?”

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