by Erin
Written Sept. 2005

Am I shunning you dear?
Am I only pushing you away?
Truth is, I want you near
Oh darling, I want you hear today

I watch you from afar
As if you were a golden treasure
Do you know who you are?
Darling, you’re my heart’s only pleasure

Dear, you make me smile
At all your jokes, no matter how lame
Although without style,
My darling, I pray you feel the same

Can we be together?
Because I think I’m in love with you
I need to know whether,
Darling, you are feeling this way, too

It’s a deep care, you see
I want to protect you from all harms
Would you, could you, for me?
Oh darling, please hold me in your arms

‘Bout all of the above,
Dear, everything I said is true
But to achieve your love,
Darling, do I have to come to you?

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