Poetry: Middle School

title,date written,sort date
I Am a Friend,20th April 2004,20040420
Memorial Day 2004,31st May 2004,20040531
My Imperfection,ca. 2004,20040000
Sometimes,ca. 2004,20040000
Eyes Are Opening,15th March 2003,20030315
Forgiven,3rd March 2003,20030303
I Am…,23rd December 2003,20031223
Let Me Out,26th January 2003,20030126
The Enemy,3rd May 2003,20030503
The Imposter,12th May 2003,20030512
Trying,16th April 2003,20030416
Hear What I Say,16th December 2002,20021216
Rewind,10th November 2002,20021110

Short Stories: Middle School

I’m pretty sure I wrote all these for my 7th grade English class.

title,date written,sort date
A Touch of Irish Luck,2003,20030000
Under the Rug,2003,20030000
Only One in Seventeen Million,2002,20020000