by Erin
Written March 5, 2006

And the things that won’t matter anymore
to those who don’t care to care
Are the things from his brain he shares
to fill up yours.
Think, think, see that tie
over the t-shirt; that’s Barney.
Ask about him to O’Sweeney or me
‘Cause I love that guy.
The pockets of his coat contain
a pair of gloves and cents.
Oh, you know he’s got common sense
like Thomas Paine.
Squirrel kid, squirrel kid
“I’ll write you a pass
To the outside, lass,’
he said, yes, he did.
Gave him a rose from L’Overture
and made a Pencil of Despair
Doom, mayhem, the jokes are there
He’s awesome, you be sure.
Love the man with the graying beard
You are AP,
You are mighty.
But are the essays to be feared?
Worry not, he’ll keep you on track
in this course that’s weighted
‘Cause this man’s dedicated
and loves Michilimackinac.
Yeah, oh yeah, see the tie
solidly present, it’s Sir Barnshaw
Oh-so amazing, look in awe
Everyone loves this guy.

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