Victory 1

by Erin
Written June 30-July 1, 2006

The race to the top requires endurance of another kind.
It is like double endurance,
to achieve success.
A fortitude so strong to withstand formidable pressure.
Self-doubt and necessity-deficit are minor obstacles.
The others are your opponents;
Your companions and competitors.
It is like Doublethink.
Making the false true is a must,
and believing your own lies is just the beginning.
Exploit the falsities.
Forget nobility,
but pretend all the same.
Is it hypocrisy or a clever balance?
Whichever, as long as they adore you,
and you smile in triumph.
It is like double success,
to win and be loved.
But it is like double the effort,
and double the unlikelihood,
to prevail through wholehearted dignity.

  1. Formerly titled “The Dark Side of Success”[]

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