The Value of Studying Literature

by Erin
Written for September 11, 2006

Literature might be seen as simply a form of entertainment, when, however, it has much more to offer. Within the words of the countless authors of the past and present lurk very valuable lessons. Literature allows the reader to step into completely different worlds and cultures, thus expanding one’s knowledge and understanding of other members of society. By studying literature, readers can absorb a wealth of information, including a better understanding of language, improved grammar and spelling skills, and an increased vocabulary. Reading is also an excellent method of enhancing one’s writing skills and awakening the imagination. Books, poems, and plays can serve as a source of inspiration and incite creativity in aspiring writers. In summary, literature has many gifts to offer, and the value of discovering them is certainly worth the effort.

The Purpose of a High School Education

High school is an incredible opportunity which should be openly embraced. This challenging yet rewarding experience nourishes the minds of young people and allows them absorb information from various fields of study, thus opening their eyes to more of the world available to them. The finishing of high school also creates a multitude of opportunities for young adults to realize their dreams. Without a diploma, respected, well-paying jobs are out of reach. Therefore, getting a high school education is crucial to achieving success in modern times. More career-related goals can be attained with the help of a high school diploma. Getting a high school education paves the road to a bright future. Its very purpose is to enlighten young people and enable them to continue along the path to achievement.

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