by Erin
Written May 25, 2007

I always sensed a fragility
in you, kept secret and under wraps,
as if somehow your masculinity
would be reduced by
an admission of humanness.

In what you delve personally
is beyond the bounds of what we are,
although I can say truthfully
that I find a friend in you,
and I advise you to consider me, too.

If you ever feel confined
by me, do not let hesitation hinder you,
and please keep in mind
that you will not injure me
by wanting your space.

But do not forget that I am here
for you, an ear or a hand or whatever
it is you need; so listen dear,
my wish is for your stability,
your wholeness despite your delicacy.

Whether or not you will confess
is not my call; I certainly am not in any
position to advise you, much less
tell you what to do. In years you
surpass me, and even more in wisdom.

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