Forward with Pride

by Erin
Written June 2, 2007

I can see the future spinning before me,
rushing like a wave in the cosmic
oceans of my imagination, in and out;
in, and out. The dreams steady as tides.

I dream as steady as the tides.

Controlled by the moon, or fate, or God,
or what you will: the flow of my dreams
is faithful and unstoppable, and their count
only surpassed by the infinity of the stars.

Some wish upon the stars, but I, but I —

But I refuse to feel conventional.
My hopes are held upon the scars of my
endeavors, the tears of my triumphs,
and in the hearts of my heroes.

These are the heroes of my life:

The saviors of my soul, who have not only
remolded me, but supported me selflessly.
Oh God the Father and these earthly messiahs
have allowed my spirit to soar, and my dreams

to bloom. Radiating colors through the universe.

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