Goose Bumps

by Erin
Written April 26, 2006

Shivering here in this lonely chair
Where I wave off all conversation
Upon my arms, goose bumps aware
Of their chronic persistent nation
The fact that they don’t go away
Reminds me of lingering fears
That claw at my mind day to day
Like a guilty alcoholic and his beers

Ever-present in the cold and heat
Are the bumps spanning my figure
Like my continual need to defeat
All those eager to crush my stature
The lust to feel special and greater
Than the others fiercely competing
May cause me to break sooner or later
Because stress indeed is a beating

For the record, if you’ve not realized,
I’m in a constant state of goose bumps
As unceasing as my tearful eyes
When settled down in the “dumps”
I hate that term as I hate myself
For being a lazy and empty soul
Too stubborn to trouble myself
And attempt to fulfill my potential

Unrelenting these peculiar bumps are
Similar to my raging thoughts, complex mind
Often I try to push these thoughts afar
But they rigidly remain for me to re-find
I mask them, clearly wrong and illegal
But I cannot curb my heart’s a-leaping
Immoral under a facade so regal
God only knows the sin I’m keeping

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