Make It Good

by Erin
Written January 31-February 1, 2007

Can you make this good?

I look to you for comfort,
say anything at all to me.
Although I feel intrusive,
I approach you every day.

Do you know the reason?

Whatever the cause I come
is nothing that I will admit.

But can you make this good?
All alone I strive to survive,
and you are all that I have,
the closest I’ve ever come to
confessing to this nonsense.

Tell me would you understand?

This is number one in my silence,
the one I have kept for two years.
Five or more excuses I tell myself
when I consider casting this cover.
Each is as legitimate as the next,
all of which are valid as this mood.

What would you say to me?
I know this makes no sense.
Yet it happens every year,
and I am bereft of control.

Would you be there for me?

One day I need to talk to you,
or to anyone who would listen.
Some days it is so intense and
I know I have to let this out.
I am willing to communicate;
for once, I am volunteering,
and I want to open up to you.

So can you make this good?

If I shared despite my fear
what was so troubling me,
I trust you not to criticize.
I just need somebody here
who would not worsen this.

Someone to make it good.

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