Nada Es Imposible

by Erin
Written April 21, 2007

cuando no puedo ver el obvio,
necesitas ayudarme entender.
a veces la pintura grande me escapa,
y me es imposible cogerla.
solamente soy humana.
espero que te des cuenta que
no soy perfecta, y lo acepte.
se un amigo y ayudarme entender
esta vida complicada.
abre mis ojos al mundo formidable
y pensaré que nada es imposible.

Translation (or what I meant it to mean!)

when i can’t see the obvious,
you need to help me understand.
sometimes the big picture escapes me,
and it’s just impossible for me to catch it.
i’m only human.
i hope you realize that
i’m not perfect, and accept it.
be a friend and help me understand
this complicated life.
open my eyes to the great world
and i will think that nothing is impossible.

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