only if you’re willing to give it

by Erin
Written August 2, 2007

something new, all so new
rushing at my heart, eyes shut tight,
red screaming past my ears
in an urgent hurricane—
—record wind speeds∫carried on
the gale is
		can you tell i’m lost?
it’s so beautiful and has been
mis-sent in my direction
do you know i don’t deserve it?
	i don’t understand
	i don’t understand
	they always said
	and i didn’t believe…
	Love yourself first.
	it just won’t make sense.
→	[ guilt complex + paralysis ]
so back to what i was saying.
this whirlwind is sweeping me away
and i need some time to find
the ground and settle down,
and better myself for you
because i want to be fair
but i need the time
	if you’re willing to give it.
only if you’re willing to give it.
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