Pi Deserves Love

by Erin
Written March 12, 2006

Pi is an irrational number that society only seems to love on March 14. Why is this? Why does this unending number only receive the attention it deserves one day of the year? Why is its holiday overshadowed by other March events such as St. Patrick’s Day, the start of spring, and Erin’s birthday? It is time to start showing some love for this incredible number.

I am not the only one who appreciates pi. In fact, there are some people who dedicate their time and energy to memorizing hundreds of its digits (and I have nothing to do with them). Pi is extremely important – although it is irrational – to mankind. How else would we determine the area of a circle? Certainly the water displacement method cannot be used to figure out the volume for all spheres. We need pi more than pi needs us. Love pi today! (Or at least show a liking to it.)

Stubborn and grumpy people might argue that pi is annoying and should be avoided or ignored. Sure, pi frustrates sixth graders who are forbidden to use calculators on their math homework from the chapter about circles, but that is no reason to dislike pi or forget about it when you’re done using it. If I were a little more extreme, I would tell you that pi has feelings. However, it doesn’t, and I’m just going to say that this never-ending number deserves a little more respect.

In conclusion, pi is amazing. If this were an English class, I would make this paragraph longer, but it’s not. Pi is amazing, and everybody should like it more.

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