by Erin
Written August 15, 2007

 sometimes i’m not so sure
i’m anything i claim to be.

is hypocrisy a crime?

i knew all along,
yet all this time
i fear i’m lying
to you. can this
be pardoned? i’m
callous and cold,
when all i want is
to be fair to you.

 my heart has not the capacity
in any way equivalent to yours.
 the chambers have locked long
ago and i may have lost the key.
 honey, i’m scared! my God, i’m
scared! is this even excusable?

… i understand if it’s not.

but i trust you explicitly, and
 i swear you have been truthful.
so, if i may, i ask of you some

time to adapt, to open my heart
                         to you.

  1. The title IS “Untitled.” It’s like an oxymoron. []

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