The Enemy

by Erin
Written May 3, 2003

I lack the motivation
To say something to you
I lack the inspiration
To say something new

I wish I could give back the time I wasted
To start again and do something right
My tongue burns from the pain, hate, and lies I tasted
I want to get out and see the light

All this time, I wanted to blame everything on someone else
The one thing I needed was someone to be mad at
Through the dark, I found the enemy to be myself
But now I’m sick and tired of all that

You’re the only one who can save me now
From the bottomless hole, the infinite darkness
If I had the courage, I could tell you how
But you know I’m scared and totally defenseless

I wish I could explain
But it’s been too long
I’m numb from the pain
But there’s still something wrong

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