Time and Time Again

If it weren’t for clocks, we’d never be on time for anything. We wouldn’t even know what time it is! But are those clocks really something to depend on? Are those clocks really just innocent objects that sit there? Here’s the answer to those questions: absolutely not!

On a sunny day, Mandy Wall was wildly dancing and screaming around her room to her favorite band, Good Charlotte. She had always gotten in trouble for her loud music and terrible singing. Today, she was in major trouble. Her mother, Sandy Wall, was banging against the door, trying to get her daughter’s attention. Eventually, she opened the door and walked into the bedroom, obviously irate.

“Amanda Anne Wall, turn the volume of your stereo down and stop screaming!” she shouted. Mandy suddenly snapped back into the real world. She turned off the stereo and looked at her mother.

“Better?” she asked and smiled, trying to look like an angel.

“Yes,” her mother said. “I just got you a new alarm clock for you to put in your room. Now I hope you won’t be late for school anymore.”

“Oh, Mom, you’re so silly. You know I’m not going to wake up late again. I haven’t done that for two days!” Mandy announced proudly.

“Well, maybe you won’t do it ever again with this incredibly high-tech, new-fangled alarm clock. It says right here on the box that it is loud enough to wake up an entire neighborhood!” Mrs. Wall said cheerfully.

“That’s really loud,” Mandy muttered, now knowing that she’d never be able to oversleep again.

“It’s not as loud as your stereo, Amanda. Go plug this clock in the wall and get it working. Then you can return to your normal activities,” her mom said and walked out of the room. “And don’t play it as loudly, young lady.”

“Yeah, whatever,” Mandy said and set the alarm. Then she started blasting the stereo again.

At ten o’ clock that night, Mandy changed into her pajamas. Then she went into the bathroom and brushed her teeth with Colgate Total. After two minutes of teeth cleaning action, Mandy shouted, “Good night, Mom!” Then she went back into her bedroom and hopped in her bed. When she realized that she had forgotten to turn off her desk lamp, she staggered out of bed and toward the lamp. Then she shot a look of hatred to her new alarm clock because it would wake her up at exactly thirty minutes after six. After her wasted moments of sleeping time, she finally climbed back into her bed and fell asleep.

Throughout the night, things that were scientifically proven impossible happened. First, right before midnight, the alarm clock’s digital numbers turned themselves into a face. Then, without a sound, it grew arms and legs so it could climb off the nightstand. Then, just after midnight, it went into the hall and stopped between the stairs and the doorway.

“Hey, Pops! Old Grandpa, wake up!” it shouted in its quiet, raspy voice. Suddenly the grandfather clock woke up.

“Huh, what?” it said quietly. “Oh, it’s you Andy.”

The alarm clock scowled and said, “Andy what?”

“Sorry, Angry Andy Alarm,” the grandfather clock said impatiently. “Well, what do you want? I don’t have all night!”

Angry Andy Alarm looked around the room to make sure no one was there. Then he took a deep breath and said, “It’s time.”

“It’s time? You mean this is the house we’re supposed to start our invasion? This house, this simple, normal, two-story house is the house? You’ve got to be kidding,” the grandfather clock laughed.

“This isn’t a joke,” Andy said. “They’re completely unaware of our existence and power, yes, our power! They have no idea what power time holds! Besides the power to control the past, present, and future, we can use our hands to take over the entire human race! Yes, this is the house, Rusty. We must start here!”

Rusty sighed. Then he nodded with a look of determination and said, “After all of these years…this is the place. Let’s go, Andy, sorry Angry Andy Alarm! Our universal power will begin right here!”

Rusty sprouted his arms and legs immediately and crept down the stairs. He walked past the cellar door and into the kitchen. First, he raided the refrigerator to fill himself up before the mission. Then, all of the clocks in the kitchen looked at Rusty. They decided not to move until most of the neighborhood was eliminated. They left this job to Rusty and Andy.

Meanwhile, Andy was tampering with Mandy’s stereo. He placed a bomb inside the stereo that was set to blow up in exactly thirty-two minutes and fifty-seven seconds. He scrambled away with an evil grin on his face. Then he informed Rusty that they only had thirty minutes to take what they want and run before the bomb went off and the police came to the house.

Rusty stole all of the money from Sandy Wall’s wallet and all of the credit cards from Randy Wall’s wallet. Then he ran up the stairs to get Andy. They only had two minutes before the bomb would blow up. He searched all over but couldn’t find him.

Angry Andy Alarm had gotten greedy and wanted to steal Sandy Wall’s expensive jewelry. He was frantically searching for the jewelry when Rusty found him.

“Come on, Andy! We have to get out of the house now!” Rusty said urgently.

“Andy what?” Angry Andy Alarm growled.

“We have no time for this, Andy! Just get out of here before the bomb goes….” he hissed but was cut short by a very loud BANG!

The bomb went off! Everyone in the house woke up at once. The two evil clocks scurried into the closet.

“HOLY…COW!!!!” Mandy screamed, watching her language. She stared at the mess of electrical parts. Her parents jumped out of bed directly after the stereo exploded.

“That sounded like the scream of Amanda!” Mrs. Wall said and darted out of the room. Randy followed closely behind her. Then they both rushed in the door at the same time.

“Oh, dear, what happened…Oh, my gosh! What the…heck happened?” Mrs. Wall said, trying to set a good example.

“I don’t know. I just heard a loud bang, and now my stereo’s gone.”

“Go call the police, Randy. We must get to the bottom of this!!!” Sandy declared. When the police got to the house, they could not find out what happened. They only knew that there was a bomb in the former stereo.

In the end, the clocks disappeared, and no one ever knew what exactly happened. Old Rusty and Angry Andy Alarm could still be out there. Maybe we will be taken over by an army of clocks. Maybe these evil clocks faded out of existence. Maybe all of this is complete fiction. Anyhow, we now know that we must never think the same way about our time-telling devices again. There is still a chance, a very slight chance, that clocks are capable of taking over the universe with there power of controlling the past, present, and future. We must be careful.

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